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Bokmak Distributors Ltd


Bokmak Distributors Ltd is a private limited company owned by Ugandan professionals. The company was founded and incorporated in March 2010 by four experienced and hardworking entrepreneurs in response to the rapidly growing need for quality and value for money. It exists to help customers improve and maintain their biggest assets – offices, homes, apartments, hotels. We do this by meeting the changing needs of our customers by providing inspiration and support. We ride on our business networks locally and in the countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Our success depends on commitment, efficient and frank communication, hard work and the fulfillment of objectives of our clients. Our clients deserve the highest levels of service and partnership from our employees. We are 100% committed to providing this. We have a team, goods and services, resources, knowledge, solutions and ideas to support government agencies / institutions and private companies, NGO’s, achieve their objectives.

Our objectives

– To give Ugandans what they want by being inventive, innovative, creative and services minded at all time.
– To raise the standards of organizations in the country by providing high quality products and services.
– To create and sustain satisfied customers by providing and delivering high quality products and services that exceeds their expectations.
– To provide quality services in the manner that ensures efficiency and effectiveness.
– To provide quarterly and annual reports in acceptable format as agreed by clients.

Our Mission Statement

“Provide quality products and services with integrity and efficiency to the satisfaction of our customers’ at the best price.

Our Vision

“To become the leading quality suppliers of the creative offices, homes, apartments, hotels and all the interior design and furniture.

Our Values Proposition

– Our passion for creativity is expressed in everything we do
– Our rule is secrecy with customers’ documents, customer driven
– Bespoken design
– Seamless customer delivery
– Stuff well driven

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